Annotated catalogue

This source is trustworthy as it is from wikipedia and it has lines and quotes from people. I find it useful as it is very informative and covers everything about misogyny in rap/hip hop culture. It also covers how women are represented and how their often referred to as “bitches” and “hoes” and gold diggers. It also covers how women are objectified,there often violence towards women. From this source I took that rap music is derogatory towards women and its full of hyper-masculinity. It also explains women in rap music and how there are women rappers and how they are claiming independence and sexual liberation.

This source is trustworthy because it has a lot of quotes and opinions from female artists. I find it useful as it is about women who play their own music and I learnt that more men are booked for festivals/events then women and women are plagued with patronising questions for example is your volume high enough on your guitar. It also covers how men are picked more for magazine shoots. it is also positive as it talks about women in music speaking out about this topic and becoming also covers how a womans opinion is not taken seriously and they are often seen as difficult.

this source is helpful as it is informative but short but easier to read through. It talks about how women are sexually objectified not just in hip-hop but in music generally. It also talks about the double standards in the industry.This source also talks about how women feel the need to be sexual and provocative and seen as a sexual object to be recognised/noticed.

This source is trustworthy as it is informative which also makes it useful and it has facts and statistics within it. It talks mainly about rewards and how men win most overall. It talks abut the lack of diversity and equality within the industry. This is the information I took from this source. It also has facts and statistics on it and how women musicians are referred to as a female drummer as regards to just a drummer.

This source is about a singer-songwriter and model and its about how sexist a certain article was about her as it just talked about her boobs and sexualised them instead of talking about her musical talents. The singer herself spoke out about the article. This source is useful as it is a good example to use to show how women are objectified.

This source is useful as it shows how sexist certain articles can be towards pop stars, its also shows the double standards which between women and men as the daily mail does not credit women for their music abilities but on how much flesh their showing.It shows the daily mail is just talking about her appearance and how shes showing of her assets which shows if this was a male artist they would not write a article just specifically on a mans appearance. This source also shows how women are over sexualised.
Here are some more sexist sources from the daily mail: 7.

This source shows how more male artists tend to win more awards and get more credited than female artists. It shows how women don’t get recognition for their work in the music industry.

This source shows that the music industry is still partly male dominated but it is improving and not as bad as it was 10 years ago and how women are these days women are breaking through and climbing their way up the ladder to work towards more senior positions.This source has quotes and opinions from fellow musicians speaking up about their gender discrimination. It also shows how women get judged mostly on looks for example in the YouTube comments.

These two sources are about a female singer producer and her treatment as being a female producer in the music industry as there are not many.I learnt from these source how men producers try and take advantage of female producers as grimes aka Claire boucher mentions how a male producers have made sexual advances at her. This source also shows how the media portrays her more of a victim. This source also shows why there are few female producers and the reason why is because their usually rejected.

This source is useful to me as it breaks down specific points on how he music industry is sexist. Ive learnt more about how women are represented as it shows examples from various stars and quotes. This source talks about how their represented,judgement, exploitation. This source has loads of different points from different artists raging from pop stars to rap music to indie music.

This source is useful as again it has personal experience from musicians and it elaborates on how women are objectified and called rude names like a bitch,tease,whore etc. This source is trustworthy.

This source is useful as it elaborates on different women in the music industry and their personal experiences. From this source i have learnt different types of problem different artists face. I think this source is trustworthy because it has quotes and a lot of personal experience from female musicians.


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